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John Lennox

John Lennox delivered a talk 'Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and Christianity Mix?

Cliffe Knechtle

The "Give Me An Answer" ministry began as an outgrowth of the dialogues Cliffe Knechtle has had with students on various university campuses throughout the United States. Cliffe spoke on these campuses in front of the Student Union or Library at noon for five to ten minutes.


What is the gospel? Why is it called the Good News. What is the implication of the gospel on those who believe and those that don't. A short gospel presentation by Kids Church. Based on Two Ways To Live.

The Bible
James White

James White—Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries—explains the historic process that led to the Bible we hold in our hands today.

Nabeel Qureshi

What's keeping Muslims from converting to Christianity. Nabeel Qureshi shares his testimony of how he came to know Jesus and what was the biggest obsticle to the faith.

Following Christ
John Piper

The highest motive for missions and evangelism is not obedience to the Great Commission, although obedience is required. Nor is the highest motive love for sinners, great as that love may be. The greatest motive for missions and evangelism is a passionate zeal for the glory of Jesus Christ. As Dr. John Piper explains in this lecture, worship of the living God is the fuel and goal of missions and evangelism.

Following Christ
John Piper

What motivates you to wake up every morning? What is life all about? In his book, "Don't Waste Your Life", John Piper urges us not to be deceived by the lure of money (mammon) or the sole vision of a holiday house by the beach in early retirement. Listen and be challenged to why it is better to loose your life than to waste it.

John Piper

A short summary of the Student Volunteer Movement in the late 1800 which triggered a revival that sent around 1,000 student missionaries. They were inspired by William Carey, Hudson Taylor and the Cambridge Seven, including America's first foreign missionary, Adoniram Judson. It is amazing what God can do when young minds are stirred up by the Holy Spirit for the glory of God. As William Carey said, "Expect Great things from God, Attempt Great things for God".

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